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Don't Call it Jazz: Meadowlark Music Fest 2024

Don’t Call it Jazz is proud to welcome Dan Simms to discuss the Meadowlark Music Fest, happening in Old Town Pocatello June 5-8.

Dan is the founder, promoter, and producer of this great event, which will span multiple stages over four days.

During the show, we discuss the festival and listen to a playlist of featured artists.

Fans of DCiJ can use the following discount code for Meadowlark event tickets: CITYCREEKRECORDS

For more information on the Meadowlark Music Fest:

Also, feel free to check out the Apple Music Playlist Dan made for the show:

1. “Heart of Idaho”, 2:53

Muzzie Braun

Vintage Braun Brothers

2. “Troubadour”, 3:57

Zach Nytomt (Nye-Tompt)

3. “You Don’t Mind”, 3:44

Aaron Golay

Songs for Sad Folks Like Me

4. “Skittle Man”, 5:20

Tylor and the Train Robbers

Hum of the Road

5. “Powder Day!”, 5:56

Ticket to Space

Outside my Door

6. “Times Will Bring Us Back”, 3:26

Batdorf & The Brother Wolf

Arms of Your Love

7. “Chaparral Bottoms”, 5:00

AC Sapphire

December 32nd

8. “Trashman”, 3:41


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