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  • Ted Perkins is a former Universal Pictures and Warner Brothers studio executive, university lecturer, public speaker, Hollywood producer, virtual reality entrepreneur, and successful working film and TV series screenwriter. He volunteers his time as an addiction and recovery YouTube personality and has helped thousands of people on their recovery journey through his blogs, videos, and weekly SMART Recovery meetings. Ted has lived and worked in over 50 countries and now resides in Los Angeles, CA. In his recent publication, “Addicted in Film: Movies We Love About the Habits We Hate” Ted recounts what he learned by watching 100 movies about addiction and recovery in 100 days, and what impact they had on his successful recovery. His insightful and entertaining book discusses how films about addiction and recovery not only helped save his life, but he also shares what vital lessons they may teach the addiction recovery community in general. Addicted in Film explores the difficult topics about healing from addiction and renders them accessible and informative. You can find Addicted in Film in paperback, hardcover, e-book (Kindle) and audiobook format on Amazon at film or in eBook format on Barnes & Noble or Kobo. Get more information and learn more about the book at:
  • Brian Eisch is a retired Army Master Sergeant who bravely served and was shot three times in Afghanistan while trying to rescue an Afghan National Police Officer who was severely wounded in an ambush. Brian was applying a tourniquet to the injured officer when he heard machine gunfire and was hit twice in the left leg and once in the right leg. He tried crawling back to the gun truck but was saved by his medic and was evacuated by a helicopter. Both were awarded the bronze star for valor. After several surgeries, Brian eventually had his leg amputated and currently uses a prosthetic to help with mobility. Not long after losing his leg, Brian suffered another devastating loss when his 12 year old son, Joey, died in a traumatic motor collision accident while riding his bicycle. Now Brian has become an advocate for the power of outdoor recreation in healing trauma. Brian uses bass fishing as a form of therapy and a hobby to cope with the loss of his son. The NETFLIX documentary Father Soldier Son, Highlights Brian’s journey.
  • Lacey Marie is a survivor of breast implants gone wrong. While fighting for her life, she also discovered her spouse was having an affair. In a very short period, Lacey seemingly lost it all, her identity, marriage, religious beliefs, and her business. This led to her active approach to mental health and well-being as the founder of, where she advocates for women with similar circumstances. Lacey believes self-love is her greatest work. Through a new life perspective, Lacey has redefined her role as a mother of four children and remains vulnerable to sharing her story to help inspire and uplift those struggling with trauma. Her greatest hope is to encourage others to discover their own freedom.
  • David Snow has spoken to many audiences, including ISU’s TRIO Veterans, regarding teamwork in the most extreme environments, persistence, risk management, failure, and moving forward in faith. Growing up in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah, David was surrounded by mountains. But it wasn’t until his late 20’s when a challenge came from a coworker to climb Rainier that he began exploring the possibilities of mountaineering. His drive and passion for life transferred to mountain climbing, and quickly he was on the fast track to reaching the Seven Summits. Through many successes and a few failures he was able to reach this seemingly unattainable goal in just 8 short years. David has taken his passion for adventure and channeled it into developing several successful adventure travel businesses. He has a masters degree in Business Administration and has been successful in corporate sales for over 2 decades. His extensive experience in both business and mountaineering bring a unique perspective that is rare among professional speakers. David has inspired audiences and corporations worldwide with his message of persistence and climbing beyond our self-imposed limiting beliefs. Find out more by visiting
  • Military life often requires wearing lots of hats, and that’s especially true for Monica Fullerton, a military spouse and founder of Spouse-ly. Monica has long dreamed of becoming an entrepreneur, but she wanted her efforts to support a greater purpose than just starting a business. She launched Spouse-ly to provide highly transient military families and veterans a space to market their products and services regardless of their duty station. Monica and her team remain diligently committed to nurturing a community that emphasizes learning and income-generating opportunities for the creators, service providers, and entrepreneurs within the military family.
  • Kevin Steven Quinn is a Marine Corps veteran and an accomplished entrepreneur. The bulk of his career centered around sales management and working within the technology sector. Kevin has been involved in several tech start-ups including his most recent venture, BuddyCheck app, due to launch this year. Kevin is also the co-author of The Entrepreneur Playbook which was an Amazon bestselling book. Kevin found his calling as he took courage to face his own demons and processed through them with a trusted advisor and the use of plant-based medical treatment. Kevin’s mission is to help make a positive impact within the veteran community with his dream of building a tiny home veteran community. Kevin believes giving those who struggle with finding and retaining safe shelter will bring hope and stop veteran suicide.
  • Bruce Thompson is the Executive Director of the Ascend Collective, a non-profit helping veterans transition from military service to their dream career. Bruce is a military veteran and military spouse advocate. As a military transition guru, Bruce helps Veterans and their dependents find employment. He is passionate about getting veterans the career they want and the respect they deserve. Bruce knows the struggles veterans face transitioning from military service into the civilian way of life. By helping veterans and their families find employment, Bruce is making a positive impact with every individual veteran he successfully puts to work. Learn more about the ASCEND Collective and how Bruce is leading the future of hiring by visiting
  • Kat Misch Elle is the founder and Editor in Chief of her publication, Inspired Success Magazine. Kat is also the daughter of a Vietnam Veteran. Kat says, “Being raised by a Veteran was definitely a major part of shaping me into the woman I am today.” Growing up in a rural setting, Kat remembers feeling isolated and began journaling at ten years old. She wanted to connect with people and learn about their lives mostly to see if other people lived differently. Kat’s journey led her to create Inspired Success Magazine, a publication which shares inspirational stories of successfully overcoming adversity. The magazine also offers practical tips and tools to help readers bring their visions into reality. You can discover more about Kat and her magazine by visiting
  • Tim Shurr is one of the most successful mindset coaches in the world because of his uncanny ability to rapidly upgrade conscious beliefs and biases. Tim is also the author of One Belief Away which describes in a detailed way his revolutionary method. With advanced degrees in psychology and multiple certifications in hypnotism and neuro linguistic programming, Tim has facilitated thousands of coaching sessions and hundreds of group corporate training experiences over the last 34 years. Tim has been featured on television networks like ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox News, and Ted talks. He's also the bestselling author of six books including the power of optimism, get out of your way, one belief away, the sales mastery course, prosperity mindset, and the awakening. Tim’s mission is to end needless emotional suffering by significantly increasing the self-awareness, influence, and transformative communication skills of company leaders so they, in turn, nurture and grow their people which has a strong positive generational impact. Tim believes Helping people love and respect themselves and others in a deeper way creates a more joyful, trusting world to live in. Find out more at