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  • Diamond Dallas Page is an American actor and retired professional wrestler. His wrestling career included promotions such as World Championship Wrestling, the World Wrestling Federation, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, and All Elite Wrestling. Beginning in 1991, he embarked on a path that would lead him to remarkable accomplishments, becoming a three-time World Heavyweight Champion, two-time United States Heavyweight Champion, four-time World Tag Team Champion, and one-time World Television Champion. Despite enduring a series of injuries, Page embarked on a transformative journey, discovering the health benefits of yoga while recovering from ruptured discs in his back. Collaborating with his chiropractor, Page developed DDP Yoga which gained widespread attention when the inspiring story of Arthur Boorman, a disabled veteran, was featured in a video showcasing his remarkable progress after following Page's yoga plan. Boorman's journey demonstrated his restoration of strength and flexibility, enabling him to walk and run without the aid of crutches. This captured the attention of mainstream media outlets, including Good Morning America. Today, DDP Yoga continues to transform lives, providing thousands of military veterans with healthy fitness options and improving their well-being.
  • I present to you Beth Conner, a name that resonates with mastery in the intricate art of communication. Beth's profound expertise in this domain is exemplified not only through her words but also by the extraordinary life she leads. As a mother of seven children, she has nurtured and guided young minds, imparting values and principles that form the bedrock of their character. Beth's journey is further enriched by her service as an Army veteran, an experience that honed her resilience and tenacity. Yet, it is in matters of love and leadership that Beth truly distinguishes herself. Her self-proclaimed expertise in these realms led her to develop the innovative Love Centered Life program, designed to enable individuals to love themselves authentically and, in turn, enhance their capacity to love and lead others. Beth passionately advocates that the alchemical combination of self-love and unwavering determination constitutes the essential recipe for achieving true success in life.
  • Dave Berlin, a Marine Corps veteran, has dedicated his life to serving those who served. As one of three Las Vegas ambassadors for Bunker Labs, an organization committed to helping veterans and their spouses start and grow businesses, Dave has made it his mission to give back to the community. In addition to donating his time as a community organizer in Las Vegas, where he coordinates over 20 events each month, Dave also enjoys the spotlight as a public speaker, taking the stage at events like TedX and disruptHR. And if that wasn't enough, Dave has also entertained more than 500 weddings across the United States as a disc jockey, proving that he is a true jack-of-all-trades. For more information on Bunker Labs and Dave's work, visit
  • Nate Bailey was a Lieutenant in the Army and served as a platoon leader during Operation Iraqi Freedom. In his leadership position, Nate closely monitored the instruction and safety of 42 soldiers as they served in Kuwait. Nate sees himself as a natural leader and a speaker who knows how to reach an audience in an impactful way. He is a bestselling author with three books including the 100 Mile Mindset. Nate is an entrepreneur at heart, having built multiple successful businesses in the areas of insurance and real estate. He recently sold his insurance agency to follow his dream of being a professional career coach. His philosophy on life is simple, “Live what you teach.” Nate leads by example, pushing himself one step beyond. You can learn more about Nate by visiting
  • Brian Arrington, USAF (ret), M.S. is CEO/Founder of VETS2INDUSTRY LLC and VETS2INDUSTRY Foundation Inc. After his retirement, Brian learned there were over 45,000 Veteran Service Organizations nationwide that provided free services and support to U.S. military families. However, He discovered a communication gap existed between these service resources and the heroes who needed them. With this newly discovered knowledge, Brian vowed to bridge the gap and ensure the success of every veteran and their families by creating a free single-site repository of every free Veteran Service Organization to include providing mentorship and information services to each knowledge-seeker. Since the library’s creation in 2019, Brian has led Vets2Industry’s growth by reaching 7,000 veterans and military spouses with over 20,000 page-views and he continues to supply employment opportunity success with the volunteer force he leads. Vets2Industry also provides free career tool webinars and a platform for recruiters to connect with veterans and their dependents. Learn more at
  • Marianne Williamson is a bestselling author, political activist, spiritual leader, and the daughter of a World War II Veteran. Over the past three decades Marianne has been a leader in spiritual and religiously progressive circles. She is the author of 14 books, four of which have been #1 New York Times bestsellers. A quote from the mega-bestseller A Return to Love, “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure...” This is considered the anthem for a contemporary generation of seekers. Marianne founded Project Angel Food, a non-profit that has delivered more than 14 million meals to ill and dying homebound patients since 1989. The organization was created to help people suffering from AIDS. Throughout her career, Marianne has made a positive impact on poverty, starvation, and racial issues. In 2004, she co-founded the Peace Alliance and supports the creation of a U.S. Department of Peace. Marianne ran for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2020 and intends to follow suit in the 2024 presidential race. In 2021, she launched where followers can receive daily insights into self-transformation.
  • William Wisner MBA is an Army veteran and the Executive Director of Grunt Style Foundation, a national nonprofit organization committed to providing resources for service members, veterans, and their families. Established in April of 2021, Grunt Style Foundation is making a positive impact on mental health and wellness, transition and sustainment, food insecurities, and stopping homelessness. Will and his organization accomplish this by assisting veterans in transition and providing sustainment for those experiencing food and shelter insecurities. Through their partnerships, Grunt Style Foundation hosts monthly workshops where veterans can have one on one access to career advisors, veteran affairs representatives, legal aid and other services critical to veterans and their families in transition. The Grunt Style Foundation is proud to be part of the solution through their Deployments program which is a small repeatable process that distributes necessary resources in support of junior-enlisted service members and their families at select military installations across the United States. Learn more by visiting
  • Travis Johnson is a retired naval officer, successful veteran podcaster, and holds a master’s in human relations. His humble beginnings began as a child of a bipolar mother who had trouble parenting. Consequently, Travis was raised in 5 foster homes, endured 36 moves spanning 6 states and 12 schools before graduating high school, and survived 2 murder attempts. Although this was very rough, there was always an organization willing to keep him sheltered, clothed, and fed. Now that he's able to give back, Travis has made it his mission to help the helpers. Travis hosted the top rated nonprofit architect podcast as well as the 2021 veteran podcast awards and is the only professional podcaster with an accredited course available at the university level. Join Travis and I, as he shares how his resilience in the face of these challenges coupled with taking responsibility for his life forged the path he walks today. You can find out more about Travis and purchase his books by visiting
  • Mike Hooper is a U.S. Army Veteran who served in Cuba and the Department of Homeland Security during Operation Enduring Freedom. Today, Mike is SMART Recovery’s Regional Outreach Director for the Southeastern United States. He is also a facilitator and conducts meetings for veterans and first responders. In his role, Mike works to bring the message of SMART Recovery to as many people as possible. The message is simple, each of us has the power within ourselves to address our struggle with substance use disorders and live a balanced, healthy, purposeful, and meaningful life. Mike finds value in the SMART Recovery program seeing how practicing the principles improved his relationship with himself and others. He is also developing a network to impact the recovery community with methods to accomplish sustainable lifestyle changes and mentor new meeting facilitators. In his own words, Mike Hooper says, “I’ve lived through hell, but I decided to keep fighting. I used SMART support groups and excellent tools to change, and I’m excited to help others do the same.” Find out more about SMART Recovery by visiting:
  • R. Featherstone (they/them) is a United States' Army veteran who served as a 31B, Military Police Officer, and medically retired in 2010. After struggling with postpartum depression and a difficult birth while on active duty, Featherstone went on to pursue two nurse practitioner programs. They founded Eucalyptus Health in 2020, to offer psychiatric and sexual healthcare via telehealth to teens, parents, and adults in Idaho. They currently serve on the board of the Idaho Sexual Health Professionals, as well as the Advisory Board for Postpartum Support International, which focuses on the mental health of parents. Their passion is at the intersection of gender, mental health, and sexuality.