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Ailie Maclean

Co-host of Sustainable Idaho

Ailie Maclean was born and raised in Alaska but moved to Kimberly, Idaho right before high school. Ailie is an undergraduate Political Science and Global Studies major at ISU. She is going into her last year at ISU as Vice President of Idaho State’s student government, ASISU, and has served as an Honors Program Mentor, Communications Envoy, and ASISU Supreme Court Justice in past years. In her free time she enjoys reading, longboarding, hiking, watching anime, and swimming in unique places (Silfra in Iceland for example). Ailie plans on studying environmental, or some variation of international law, after taking a gap year to travel and work abroad.

  • On the show this week we have Paul Allen, from the Sawabi chapter of the Idaho Native Plant Society.
  • We move from sustainable agriculture to sustainable eating by having a conversation about plant based diets with a dietitian nutritionist.
  • This week we talk to two organic farmers from the area to learn more about soil health and sustainable farming.
  • In this episode, we dug into soil by talking to Shawn Nield, Idaho’s state soil scientist, about Idaho’s soil quality.
  • This week, I decided to take a step back from some of our heftier topics to talk with our old host Eizaak Jordan about the Sustainability Club and to introduce our new host, Katie Kelshaw.
  • I officially finished our Drought series last week after talking about the impacts of fire on forests and human health. Even so, the effects of drought are seemingly inescapable in Southern Idaho. For this episode, I invited graduate student, Justin Miller, to come to talk about his research on intermittent streams and as you’ve guessed, they are impacted by drought.
  • On last week’s episode, Eizaak and I talked about fire management as the fire season continues into late August. For this episode, Dr. Nick Nauslar, a fire meteorologist from the Bureau of Land Management and Dr. Creighton Hardin, a recently retired local pediatrician, agreed to talk to me more about the effects of longer fire seasons.
  • In this episode, we continued our drought discussion as we explored the topic of fire. Sarah Wheeler and Joel Gosswiller joined us from the Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire Center, or EIIFC, to help us understand what our fire season looks like in Idaho and how fires are managed.
  • As places like Germany and China experience dangerous floods due to abnormally large rainstorms, places like the American West endure another year of drought. For this episode, we invited Roger Chase, former mayor of Pocatello and vice-chair of the Idaho Water Resources Board, and Jennifer Cornell, a water quality analyst with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, to talk with us about Idaho’s drought.
  • This week, we’ll continue to talk about solar energy, this time with Jared Hansen and Jordan Rodriguez from Idaho Power in addition to Brad Barrot, one of the partners at Big Dog Solar. We focused on three aspects of solar energy: current solar capacity in Idaho, motivation for solar installation, and disposal issues.