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Avoiding Sickness with Pan Dulce and Fitness

An educational podcast talking about type 2 diabetes and healthy lifestyle recommendations to help improve (hopefully) health literacy among the young adult Latino/Hispanic community and avoid long term diseases like type 2 diabetes.

Final survey link, please follow this link to the final survey after finishing the podcast (or even after you listen to the first episode!)

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Latest Episodes
  • In this first episode, I am giving you all the details about diabetes. You will learn about how diabetes affects the body and the complications it can cause. All the answers to the diabetes questions on the survey are in this episode, so listen closely! You'll need them for the last survey ;)
  • In this episode, my co-host, Karen, joins me in talking about how we can eat healthier. We discuss the delicious traditional foods we love and how we can make them better for us. We talk about the importance of fresh ingredients and cooking at home, and how small changes can make a big difference in our health. We also talk about how everyone can help make healthy eating easier in our communities by learning more about nutrition and supporting each other. Whether you're already into healthy eating or just starting out, this episode has something for you!
  • In this episode, we're talking all about the importance and benefits of keeping your body moving! We share easy tips to help you stay active and some of our experiences with physical activity.