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Pharmacy Fusion A Psychological and Pharmaceutical Examination of Fear!

Who’s ready to be scared? For this episode of Pharmacy Fusion, we're venturing into the eerie and enigmatic realms of fear, a topic that touches on both the psychological and pharmaceutical aspects of our lives.

Fear is an emotion that transcends boundaries, and it's something we've all experienced in one form or another. To guide us through this exploration, we have three exceptional guests with us.

Dr. Robert Furilla, a physiologist from the WWAMI School of Medicine, will be shedding light on the physiology of fear—how our bodies react when confronted with the unknown.

Dr. Eric Silk, a clinical psychologist, will help us navigate the psychological intricacies of fear, including why some individuals find pleasure in fear-inducing experiences.

Dr. Lucy Wilkening, a Doctor of Pharmacy and Psychiatric Pharmacist, who will provide invaluable insights into the world of medications, discussing which drugs may cause fear, paranoia, or anxiety, and which medications can help treat conditions associated with fear and anxiety.

Dr. Wadsworth is the Executive Associate Dean for the College of Pharmacy and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences.