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Pharmacy Fusion
First Monday of Every Month at 7:30pm

Pharmacy Fusion is a dynamic broadcast covering a broad array of topics related to the Idaho State University College of Pharmacy. Listen on the first Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm to hear how students, faculty, alumni and supporters are forging new pathways for advancing pharmacy practice laws in Idaho, engaging in cutting edge research on new and emerging drug treatments, innovative drug delivery methods, telepharmacy and psychopharmacology advancements, and more. Guests from a variety of backgrounds, including not just pharmacy but pharmaceutical sciences and clinical psychopharmacology will join host Walter Fitzgerald, dean for the College of Pharmacy for discussions spanning far beyond the pharmacy counter.

Latest Episodes
  • Dean Walter Fitzgerald welcomes ISU Associate Professor of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr. Jared Barrott for this episode of Pharmacy Fusion. They talk about how pharmacogenomics helps doctors, pharmacists, and researchers predict success of medication therapy based on a patient’s genetics. Dr. Barrott discusses his research and provides predictions for the future of genetics and pharmacogenomics.
  • Love is in the air for this Valentine’s Day episode of Pharmacy Fusion. Student pharmacists Rebecca King and David Truong tell their story of meeting and falling in love during pharmacy school, along with providing some heart healthy tips. Besides medication, there are many ways to keep your hearts beating for the ones you love including physical activity, a healthy diet, and limiting stress. Family, friends and loved ones can lean on each other and help one another make these changes for the better.
  • What are your New Year’s resolutions? If you’re like most people, they probably don’t include talking with a pharmacist! But did you know, your pharmacist can actually help with a lot of the very common resolutions, such as living a healthier life, losing weight, learning something new and even saving money?
  • Heather Gagliano from the Idaho Immunization Coalition discusses all of the ways Idaho State University College of Pharmacy students and faculty help the coalition meet their mission of immunizing Idaho and what’s on the horizon for the two organizations.
  • National Antibiotic Resistance Week is November 18-24. Dr. Karl Madaras-Kelly, professor in the ISU College of Pharmacy joins Pharmacy Fusion for a discussion on how antibiotic resistance came to be in the US, where Idaho ranks compared to other states, and how student pharmacists are working to solve the problem.
  • When we visit a community pharmacy for a prescription, we see and interact with our pharmacists. But when hospitalized, and although many pharmacists practice in hospitals, patients do not always interact with them. College of Pharmacy alumni Dr. Scott Milner explains pharmacy services in a hospital setting, and how the process is both similar and different compared to a community pharmacy.
  • Pharmacy Fusion offers an inside look, in an easy to understand format, at the new guidelines and availability of COVID-19, monkeypox. Meningitis and influenza immunizations.
  • In this month's edition of Pharmacy Fusion, ISU Pharmacy Dean Walter Fitzgerald speaks with Dr. Tom Wadsworth. Tom was involved in both the initial planning stages in 2007 and successful launching of ISU Pharmacy's Alaskan campus in 2016.
  • Pharmacy is a growing field, especially for pharmacy technicians. Many pharmacists are also getting sign-on bonuses or other hiring incentives to work in the field. Plus, Idaho is one of the few states where pharmacists are able to diagnose and prescribe medications for things like strep throat or influenza, right there in the pharmacy. Rikki Trussel, College of Pharmacy Class of 2012, and new manager at Bengal Pharmacy in Pocatello says Idaho State University’s work with rural medicine and advancing the practice of pharmacy has always interested and excited her. She discusses the vision for Bengal Pharmacy not just in Pocatello, but at the two telepharmacy location sites in Arco and Challis, ID as well.
  • Pharmacy Fusion features a very special guest this month, a two-time Idaho State alumnus and recent recipient of the College of Pharmacy Professional Achievement award.