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Tom Wadsworth

Host of Pharmacy Fusion

Dr. Wadsworth is the Executive Associate Dean for the College of Pharmacy and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice and Administrative Sciences. He previously served as Assistant Dean for Alaska programs at Idaho State University. Dr. Wadsworth earned a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from ISU in 2002 and completed an ASHP accredited Primary Care Pharmacy Specialty Residency at the Boise VA Medical Center in 2007.

Prior to residency, Dr. Wadsworth served 4 years as a Clinical Pharmacist at the Chief Andrew Isaac Health Center in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is a registered pharmacist in Idaho and Alaska and has significant experience in primary care, community pharmacy, and home infusion pharmacy. Dr. Wadsworth is Board Certified in Pharmacotherapy and served as an Primary Care Clinical Pharmacist at St. Luke's Internal Medicine in Boise, Idaho for 9 years.

Dr. Wadsworth has a variety of research interests including obesity, diabetes, statin myopathy, QT-prolonging medications, and quality outcomes in medication management. More recently, Dr. Wadsworth has been integral to the development and implementation of the Doctor of Pharmacy program with the University of Alaska Anchorage in Anchorage Alaska and serves as the administrative officer at the Anchorage campus. Dr. Wadsworth is also the principle investigator of the SETMuPP demonstration initiative, which seeks to mobilize community and primary care pharmacists to address the current gap in preventative and health management services available to Alaskans with diabetes and/or cardiovascular disease.

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