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Sustainable Idaho
Tuesday Mornings at 7:35am

Archived Sustainable Idaho Episodes - September 2020 to May 2021

Sustainable Idaho explores locally important sustainability topics. Considering the three key pillars of sustainability, the economic, the societal, and the environmental, Sustainable Idaho explores why aspects of sustainability matters to Idahoans.

Sustainable Idaho is a partnership between ISU's Sustainability Club and the Portneuf Resource Council. Hosts for Sustainable Idaho are Eizaak Jordan and Ailie Maclean. Organization, planning, and technical assistance for the program from Linda Engle, engllin2@isu.edu. Contact us with your ideas at SustainableClub@isu.edu. You can find out more about the Portneuf Resource Council at www.facebook.com/PortneufResourceCouncil/ Email: PRC4RE@gmail.com

Latest Episodes
  • This week on Sustainable Idaho, we talked with Vince Bowen, Executive Director of Idaho State University’s ESTEC department. In this episode, we focus on solar energy and the opportunities ESTEC provides students who want to enter the renewable energy industry.
  • Over the course of this series, we’ve introduced nuclear energy, and explored its pros and cons. Today, we’ll be concluding our nuclear energy series by talking about economic perspectives. For this episode, we invited economist, Dr. Greg Weeks, and Citizens' Climate Lobby Liaison to Representative Mike Simpson, Nancy Basinger to talk with us about nuclear energy’s economic viability
  • For our third nuclear energy episode, we invited Hannah Smay and Leigh Ford from the Snake River Alliance in addition to Lisa Hecht, an organizer who works with The Union of Concerned Scientists, to discuss nuclear power drawbacks and risks with us.
  • In the second nuclear energy episode, we once again talked with Dr. Dunzik-Gougar and Dr. Gehin, this time about nuclear energy potential. We cover baseload power, how nuclear energy could replace coal, nuclear waste, and small modular reactors, or SMRs, to understand why proponents advocate for nuclear energy usage.
  • In this episode, we introduce a new series on nuclear energy. We started this series by talking with Dr. Dunzik-Gougar from Idaho State University and Dr. Gehin from Idaho National Laboratory, who provided nuclear energy background information including the mining, energy production, and waste storage processes.
  • In the final episode of their Wolf Series, Eizaak and Ailie explore different wolf management strategies by talking with Suzanne Stone, co-founder of the Wood River Wolf Project, and Toby Boudreau from Idaho Fish and Game.
  • In this week’s episode, Eizaak and Ailie discuss the politics of wolves. They explored the motivation for expanding lethal wolf management with SB 1211 by speaking with two Idaho policymakers, Representative Dustin Manwaring and Senator Van Burtenshaw. Also, they spoke with John Robison, Idaho Conservation Leauge's Public Lands director, about the bill's implications.
  • This week on Sustainable Idaho, Eizaak and Ailie Dive into the world of wolves with Jeremy Brooks, a Biology P.h.D. student, and Carter Niemeyer, Idaho’s former Wolf Recovery Coordinator and author of The Wolfer and Wolf Land
  • Sustainable Idaho is back this week with new co-hosts, Ailie Maclean and Eizaak Jordan. Ailie and Eizaak discuss what sustainability means to them, why…