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Jake Westbrook

Co-Host of Yesterday Today

Brother of Maclane, Jake is a cultural hobbyist and curator of pre-1960s publications, radio and various ephemera. His collection of outdated media formats takes up a considerable amount of space and is frankly beginning to become a nuisance. A man can only own so many reel-to-reel machines before he needs to look into a storage locker.

  • It's another special Christmas episode today as we present an audio adaption by Lux Radio Theater of the classic movie "It's A Wonderful Life"
  • Join us as we catch the train home for Thanksgiving, and enjoy some traveling themed songs along with an episode of Dinah Shore to boot.
  • This week, we've changed things up and are presenting an uninterrupted hour of autumn themed music to herald the coming fall season. The Great Pumpkin Waltz was performed by Mich Shirey TrioSpotify:
  • It's a hot one outside folks, and even hotter inside as we deal with a slightly illegal plan cooked up by our producer. In the meantime though, we've got Ozzie and Harriet and America's favorite teenager to keep us company.
  • This week, Maclane and Jake are camping out in the woods with Fibber McGee and Phil Harris, in between swatting mosquitoes and tracking down a wild animal.
  • Grab your peanuts and your Cracker Jacks, the theme today is baseball, with some vintage baseball themed music, and the legendary Abbott and Costello episode... and an attempt to wrangle the Yesterday Today crew into joining a community ball team.
  • The goal of the show today is to kick back and take things easy with some music and an episode of Stan Freberg, but Jake's running late and Sydney's heart is set on a stirring performance.
  • In honor of the Fourth of July weekend, we salute our country with some patriotic songs and an episode of Father Knows Best, while behind the scenes our producer has some ideas for reworking the show.
  • Fishing is the name of the game today as we cast a line with Fibber McGee and Molly, Archie Andrews, and another one of our old friends that seem to show up at the strangest times.
  • This week, we take our annual look at the American father and tune in to Bob Hope, Jack Benny, and The Life of Riley. Our janitor, meanwhile, is pleased as punched to inform us of his own newfound fatherhood, though it's a bit non-traditional.