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Jake Westbrook

Co-Host of Yesterday Today

Brother of Maclane, Jake is a cultural hobbyist and curator of pre-1960s publications, radio and various ephemera. His collection of outdated media formats takes up a considerable amount of space and is frankly beginning to become a nuisance. A man can only own so many reel-to-reel machines before he needs to look into a storage locker.

  • In honor of the Fourth of July weekend, we salute our country with some patriotic songs and an episode of Father Knows Best, while behind the scenes our producer has some ideas for reworking the show.
  • Fishing is the name of the game today as we cast a line with Fibber McGee and Molly, Archie Andrews, and another one of our old friends that seem to show up at the strangest times.
  • This week, we take our annual look at the American father and tune in to Bob Hope, Jack Benny, and The Life of Riley. Our janitor, meanwhile, is pleased as punched to inform us of his own newfound fatherhood, though it's a bit non-traditional.
  • We're moseying through the sagebrush this week, as we meet an old friend of ours in Chugwater, Wyoming, and present some cowboy tunes along with an episode of The Six Shooter.
  • Maclane, Jake, and their lawyer Willie are on the road to a convention in Chicago. Along the way they listen to a few jaunty traveling tunes, and an episode of the Phil Harris-Alice Faye Show.
  • Maclane and Jake have fired up the grill and prepared some music and Old Time Radio to celebrate the start of summer, and behind the scenes their lawyer has a business proposition for the station.
  • Detectives are the theme today as we hear from Johnny Dollar and The Saint, starring Vincent Price. Behind the scenes, our old janitor buddy drops by with an odd employment request.
  • Our inaugural episode for KISU kicks off with an episode of the Columbia Workshop and Our Miss Brooks, along with a visit from our scrupulous lawyer, Willie Huckster.