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Roar Report
ISU Athletics Halftime Feature (ISU Academic Fall and Spring Semesters)

The ROAR Report takes a look at ISU’s wonderful on-campus organizations. Each episode features an interview with an individual who is involved on campus within an organization to some extent and will include periodic interviews with ASISU leaders. We’ll cover various aspects of their organization, including how to get involved.

Roar Report is a short-interview series on KISU-FM focused on Idaho State University from a student's perspective. Many topics are covered on this show, and it features a variety of guests who serve in student government, portray diversity, and exemplify Idaho State University. Roar Report is also a platform for student organizations and clubs to discuss the activities and events they present.

Archived ASISU Speaks Episodes

Latest Episodes
  • This week’s Frank Church Symposium will include an art song performance titled Sorrow and Joy and will include songs in Ukrainian, Russian, and Polish, with discussion of the historical significance of the texts and composers and the connections between the languages and cultures. KISU’s Ricky Colapietro welcomes musicians Ben Flanders and Natalia Lauk for a conversation about the free performance at Frazier Hall this Friday, March 10th at 2:00 pm.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Ethan Wilks, a mechanical engineering student at ISU. Ethan is the Elections Commissioner Deputy for ASISU. Ethan is involved with a couple different clubs on campus, and enjoys all that they have to offer. Ricky and Ethan share some helpful tips for students looking to get more involved on campus.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Derek Adams, a student studying marketing and finance at ISU. Derek is the ASISU senator for the College of Business, and is also involved with Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) on campus. Zane Webb encouraged Derek to join ASISU, and Derek has enjoyed his experience so far. Derek has enjoyed having the opportunity to make a difference on campus through his involvement in ASISU and his fraternity.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Dr. Adam Bradford, Dean of the Graduate School, as well as Angie Callaway, a management assistant with the Graduate School about the upcoming Graduate Research Symposium. Dr. Bradford and Angie share the wonderful opportunity the public has to attend the symposium March 15th, completely free. The symposium will include presentations by students, a keynote speaker, as well as an awards ceremony with refreshments. Don’t miss this opportunity to see graduate students share their research and potentially win $1000 if they are rated high by the judges!
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Cameron Dey, a student studying Political Science. Cameron is originally from Pocatello, and grew up right outside of DC, and moved back to Pocatello his junior year of high school. Cameron is the Director of Governmental Affairs for ASISU, acting as a bridge between ASISU and the state legislature. Cameron is involved with many different campus organizations, and enjoys being able to meet more people through these organizations.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Rituraj Yadav, an international graduate student studying environmental sciences. Rituaraj is the ASISU senator for graduate studies. Rituraj wanted to join ASISU to make an impact on ISU’s campus for students. Rituraj is also a part of the Nepalese Student Association, and enjoys being involved on campus. Another value Rituraj holds is being a Global Citizen, being knowledgeable about many cultures.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Kendall Whitney, a sport and exercise science student here at ISU. Kendall is the elections commissioner for ASISU, and enjoys her involvement. During the election season, she is busy spreading awareness about ASISU and informing potential candidates about what being a part of ASISU is about.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Erica Gardner, a senior at ISU studying accounting. Erica is the director of finance for ASISU. Erica works closely with the ASISU executives to manage ASISU’s finances to serve students the best. Erica enjoys the connections and relationships she’s made on campus.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Dr. Rajendra Bajracharya about the upcoming Nepalese Night. Raj and Ricky discuss the event, and Raj describes the festivities that will occur. There will be traditional Nepalese food, dance, and music February 25 at 7pm at the SUB Ballroom. Tickets are available online or in person. CLICK HERE for more information.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Dr. Tracy Collum, the Associate Dean for the Graduate School about the Graduate School’s upcoming Graduate Research Symposium. Graduate students can submit their thesis and research up to the deadline Wednesday, February 22nd. Research does not have to be complete, and graduate students of all studies are welcome to share their findings. CLICK HERE for more information and to find the application.