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Roar Report
ISU Athletics Halftime Feature (ISU Academic Fall and Spring Semesters)

The ROAR Report takes a look at ISU’s wonderful on-campus organizations. Each episode features an interview with an individual who is involved on campus within an organization to some extent and will include periodic interviews with ASISU leaders. We’ll cover various aspects of their organization, including how to get involved.

Roar Report is a short-interview series on KISU-FM focused on Idaho State University from a student's perspective. Many topics are covered on this show, and it features a variety of guests who serve in student government, portray diversity, and exemplify Idaho State University. Roar Report is also a platform for student organizations and clubs to discuss the activities and events they present.

Archived ASISU Speaks Episodes

Latest Episodes
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Mike McPeak, the director and leader of Chi Alpha, a campus ministry. Mike has been on ISU’s campus for a long time, and loves hanging out with students. In this episode of the ROAR report, Mike and Ricky talk about Chi Alpha and what Chi Alpha offers students here at ISU.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Jeremiah Schilz, an ISU student who wears many hats around campus, having involvement in many different organizations. Namely, Jeremiah is involved in ASISU in different capacities, and is a member of the Finance association. In this episode of the ROAR report, Jeremiah and Ricky talk about ASISU and the many benefits it brings students here at ISU.
  • Host Nyele Alvarez welcomes Rachel Jensen, Senator for the College of Technology, to the show. They talk nursing, dancing, and all things ISU.
  • Host Nyele Alvarez welcomes Pawan Archarya to the show. Archarya is a Senator with the College of Science and Engineering and is a Sophmore studying Computer Science at Idaho State University.
  • Host Nyele Alvarez welcomes Camdon Kay to ASISU Speaks. Kay is a Senator for Graduate Studies and the former ASISU President.
  • Guest host Logan Ramsey speaks with James Parish, a doctoral student at the ISU College of Pharmacy.
  • Host Nyele Alvarez meets with Student Body Vice President and Senior in Psychology Draysten Bailey to talk about ASISU.
  • Host Nyele Alvarez interviews College of Arts & Letters Senator Pamela Pascali, a Senior studying Anthropology. Pascali talks about an event the week of Febuary 25-29 called Open Education Week, in an effort to raise awareness about open education resources to better accomadate more students.