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Roar Report
ISU Athletics Halftime Feature (ISU Academic Fall and Spring Semesters)

The ROAR Report takes a look at ISU’s wonderful on-campus organizations. Each episode features an interview with an individual who is involved on campus within an organization to some extent and will include periodic interviews with ASISU leaders. We’ll cover various aspects of their organization, including how to get involved.

Roar Report is a short-interview series on KISU-FM focused on Idaho State University from a student's perspective. Many topics are covered on this show, and it features a variety of guests who serve in student government, portray diversity, and exemplify Idaho State University. Roar Report is also a platform for student organizations and clubs to discuss the activities and events they present.

Archived ASISU Speaks Episodes

Latest Episodes
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Jeremiah Schilz, a business student here at ISU. In this episode, they talk about the year in review, and discuss how the ROAR report has grown over the semester, and what they have learned this semester and how they’ve grown. Jeremiah and Ricky share their excitement for next year and their excitement about the growth in the community.
  • KISU’S Ricky Colapietro interviews Josie Elam, a graduate student here at ISU. She is the senator for the College of Pharmacy. She enjoys her program and appreciates the experience she has gained from being a part of ASISU.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Joanne Trammel, the Program Coordinator for the Occupational Therapy Assistant (OTA) program, as well as Catie Canavan who is the Clinical Assistant Professor/Academic Fieldwork Coordinator for the Occupational Therapy (OT) program. In this joint interview, they discuss the OT program and the OTA program, describing what OT/OTA students actually do and what prospective students can expect going into these fantastic programs. OT/OTA students experience a unique educational experience that enables them to truly help people in many different ways that are tailored to their needs.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Adam Gribas, a local improviser and teacher about the ISU Comedy Night. The ISU Comedy Night is a monthly improv comedy show that happens on the first Friday of every month. The event happened on (4/1) at 7 pm. Each show has its own style and is guaranteed to be entertaining.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Austin Robison, a student who is double majoring in biochemistry and secondary education with focuses in biology and chemistry. Austin served as the senator for the college of education, and was recently elected to serve as the senator for the college of science and engineering. Austin enjoys being a part of ASISU, and enjoys how ISU has smaller class sizes that make students feel like they have a one-on-one education.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Kiran Pandey, a graduate student studying measurement and controls engineering. Kiran is the senator for the school of graduate studies within ASISU. Kiran loves the ISU faculty, and enjoys having the ability to give back to the ISU community through his involvement in ASISU.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Wes Jorgenson, a student who is double majoring in marketing and management, minoring in public relations and seeking a sales certificate. They discuss his involvement in Alpha Kappa Psi, and their Idaho Business Leader of the Year award event coming up March 31st. Those interested in attending can contact Alpha Kappa Psi, or look up their website. Wes also shares his love for ISU and its community.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews ASISU senator for the College of Arts and Letters Carmen Napoles about their involvement in the organization. Carmen is studying political science and paralegal studies, and is involved in a few campus clubs. She has grown to enjoy ISU’s community and being involved in student government.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Liz Givens, a senior studying nursing. Liz is the ASISU senator for the college of nursing, and is a part of the finance committee. In this episode, they discuss the role of ASISU in funding student events, and how ASISU is promoting student involvement. Liz also shares her favorite aspects of ISU and Pocatello.
  • ISU Hall of Fame coach Ardie McInelly joins Rachel McGovern for a conversation about her coaching success. Ardie was the head coach of ISU’s Women’s Basketball team from 1996 to 2001 - and it’s fair to say that she achieved legendary status during her time here. In her final year, she led an undefeated team to the program’s first ever NCAA tournament bid.