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Roar Report
ISU Athletics Halftime Feature (ISU Academic Fall and Spring Semesters)

The ROAR Report takes a look at ISU’s wonderful on-campus organizations. Each episode features an interview with an individual who is involved on campus within an organization to some extent and will include periodic interviews with ASISU leaders. We’ll cover various aspects of their organization, including how to get involved.

Roar Report is a short-interview series on KISU-FM focused on Idaho State University from a student's perspective. Many topics are covered on this show, and it features a variety of guests who serve in student government, portray diversity, and exemplify Idaho State University. Roar Report is also a platform for student organizations and clubs to discuss the activities and events they present.

Archived ASISU Speaks Episodes

Latest Episodes
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Austin Robison, the ASISU senator for the College of Science and Engineering. Austin is in his second term as an ASISU senator and has learned a lot of valuable knowledge about student leadership. Austin has enjoyed his service so far, and shares that ASISU has some exciting things on the horizon.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Mike McPeak, the director of Chi Alpha, a campus ministry here on ISU. Mike has been on ISU’s campus for a long time, and loves hanging out with students and building a positive, encouraging community at ISU. In this episode of the ROAR report, Mike and Ricky talk about Chi Alpha and what Chi Alpha offers students. For more information about Chi Alpha, check them out on Instagram @isu_chialpha.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Joshua Lemrick, a graduating senior within the ISU English Program. They talk about the club Josh is a part of, Blackrock & Sage, the literary journal on campus. Blackrock & Sage publishes student work, and has events year long, with their submissions to the literary journal open until February. Coming up, they are having a Write-a-Thon on Wednesday, November 30 from 1-4 pm in REND 213. Josh has enjoyed his experience as an English major and speaks highly of the English department faculty.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Matt Krause, a graduating senior within the ISU Nursing Program. They talk about Matt’s journey in the program, and the valuable insight he gained. Matt has extensive experience within the program, and will graduate in December of this year. He is heavily involved on campus, and acts as the Turner Hall Resident Director. Matt provides encouragement for those that may feel stuck in the program to persevere because the Nursing Program is rewarding.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Dr. Tracy Collum, the Associate Dean for the Graduate School about the annual Graduate School Book Drive. The book drive began 3 years ago, and is an initiative to gather diverse books for local elementary schools for K-4 students. The book drive kicks off with the fall semester and runs through the end of October, allowing deliveries to local schools in early November. To give, visit or head on over to a local bookstore to donate to the book drive and support local businesses.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Angie Callaway, the Office and Events Coordinator for the graduate program, as well as Anna Siddoway, the Senior Graduate Program Manager. In this episode, they discuss the upcoming 3MT (3 Minute Thesis) event. The event is scheduled for November 10th, and the application deadline is October 24th. There is an info session for the event scheduled for this Friday at 9am. More information can be found at
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Maclane Westbrook, a communications major with a focus in multiplatform journalism. Maclane is involved on campus in many levels including KISU, being an ASISU senator for the College of Arts and Letters, and recently pledged to the TKE fraternity. Ricky and Maclane discuss the importance of student involvement and his experience so far with ASISU.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Chance Reynolds, a secondary education student focusing on history. Chance is an ASISU senator for the College of Education, the treasurer for TKE, and a member of the social media team for the Jungle. Chance is involved on multiple levels on campus, and enjoys the community of ISU.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Nick Davlin, a business management and marketing student. Nick is the ASISU senator for the College of Business, and is involved not only in ASISU, but also a part of the TKE fraternity as well as the Jungle. Nick enjoys his experience at ISU and has been an integral part of multiple student organizations.
  • KISU’s Ricky Colapietro interviews Natalie Mortenson, a political science and economics student. Natalie is the ASISU senator for the College of Arts and Letters, and enjoys being involved on campus. They discuss the upcoming tailgate for parents weekend on October 1st, and how much Natalie loves the professors that teach at ISU.