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Yesterday Today
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Yesterday Today presents the best of yesterday’s radio today! Hosts Jake and Maclane Westbrook dig into their personal collections to present the old music, sitcoms, dramas, westerns and more that aired on radio waves as much as 90 years ago. In addition to that, there's an assortment of colorful characters who hang around their studio space- from a dubious conniving lawyer to the dutiful janitor/radio tower climber. Come join them in their journey through the sounds of yesteryear… the past never sounded so good!

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Latest Episodes
  • Fire that grill up- it's Memorial Day weekend, and we've got some military-themed music and old time radio to accompany your cookout.
  • Moonlight serenades are the name of the game this week as we present an all-music special in honor of the upcoming month of June...
  • Audio disclaimer- technical difficulties during recording this week resulted in corrupted studio audio. While it was too late to re-record the episode, we did manage to recover the files, though the quality is poor. We hope to have the problem fixed by next week.
  • It's all about the horsehide sphere this week with Fibber McGee, Phil Harris, and our own producer's fondness for his beloved Mets.
  • We're tidying up the ol' studio today as we listen to an episode of Jack Benny and the music of Tommy Dorsey.
  • Happy Easter everyone! Today we've got Easter themed music, an episode of the Six Shooter, and a real live Easter Bunny in the studio... sorta.
  • Today we've got rainy weather, a flooded basement and an episode of Fibber McGee and Molly for you.
  • Join us for some good ol' radio as we herald the end of the dark bleary winter months... well, almost.You can find Jake's new book here:
  • Need a study break? Join us over here for some good ol' radio, including the music of Bob Chester & His Orchestra and an episode of a little known show called The Fabulous Dr. Tweedy.Jake's new book can be found here -
  • Today, it's a salute to the gumshoe as we bring you Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe... and some intrigue behind the scenes as well.You can read Jake's new book here -