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Yesterday Today
Saturdays at 10pm

Yesterday Today presents the best of yesterday’s radio today! Hosts Jake and Maclane Westbrook dig into their personal collections to present the old music, sitcoms, dramas, westerns and more that aired on radio waves as much as 90 years ago. In addition to that, there's an assortment of colorful characters who hang around their studio space- from a dubious conniving lawyer to the dutiful janitor/radio tower climber. Come join them in their journey through the sounds of yesteryear… the past never sounded so good!

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Latest Episodes
  • We finally made it back home and just in time for the turning of the leaves and the pumpkin spicing of lattes the nation over. Join us for some music and an episode of Bird's Eye Open House with Dinah Shore
  • We've reached the final stop on the southern leg of our trip- colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. And for entertainment today we have some music and an episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.
  • Everything's just peachy today as we speed through Georgia on our tour of the American south, and along for the ride is some old music and an episode of Jack Benny
  • Leaving the west behind, our road trip has entered the great American southland- Louisiana, to be specific. We've got a gator tour, old music, and an episode of The Mysterious Traveler on the schedule for today.
  • Our road trip is ambling through New Mexico this week as we search for a motel to spend the night. Meanwhile, we've got some old tunes and an episode of Truth or Consequences to keep us company.
  • Our road trip across America has broken down in Utah this week, as we tune in to some Fibber McGee and Molly.
  • Happy Independence Day! It's our annual 4th of July show this week, but that's not all- we're also kicking off a summer-long adventure! Come join us on the open road.
  • We're celebrating dear old Dad this week with tunes from the past and an episode of Father Knows Best
  • Pitch a tent with Jake, Mac and Sydney this week as they camp out and listen to some old music and an episode of The Adventures of Maisie.