climate solutions

After Covid-19, how can we get the economy back on track and fight climate change?  Citizens’ Climate Lobby  (CCL) proposes a solution, called Carbon Fee and Dividend, that is supported by over 3500 economists.  A climate bill based on this proposal is called the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763); it's now in the House of Representatives with 81 co-sponsors.  This bill goes even farther than the Carbon Fee and Dividend idea, it assists and protects our agricultural industry and military security.  Listen to this episode to hear how it works.   The Pocatello Chapter of CCL can be found on Facebook.

Chris Brown, our host, and Kayti Didrickson, En-ROADS ambassador, discuss this simulator and how different policies result in different future global temperature outcomes over the next 80-100 years. Learn how to use this tool in your classroom. Try out the simulator for yourself: