Logan Ramsey

Digital Content Director

Logan Ramsey was born and raised in Pocatello, Idaho, and is now a senior studying journalism at Idaho State University. He's currently working as Digital Content Director for KISU and News Editor for The Bengal. His aspirations to be a reporter began his senior year of high school when he began to compete in International Extemporaneous Speaking in the National Speech and Debate Association. Halfway through his freshman year of college, he began to write freelance articles for the Idaho State Journal, and a couple of months later he was hired as a part-time reporter. Not long after, he began work as the Associate Editor of ISU's student newspaper, the Bengal. After a semester, he was promoted to Editor-in-Chief and stayed in that position for two semesters. In order to do more writing, he switched to the News Editor position at the paper. Logan is now working hard to ensure the Bengal has stellar news coverage.

For this week’s episode, we will be listening to the season opener performance by the Idaho State-Civic Symphony under the direction of Doctor Julie Sorensen. This concert was recorded onstage at Jensen Concert Hall, and originally broadcast on YouTube on September 18th. You can still watch the performance if you search for “Idaho State Civic Symphony 9/18/20” on YouTube.

Dr. Shane Hunt welcomes Kristal Searle, CFO of Stinker Stores, to talk about the company's growth and how they've overcome challenges related to COVID-19. Hunt also welcomes Daniel Kim, a Health Care Administration professor at ISU to talk about the opportunities waiting for students in the healthcare field.

Host Jon Armstrong welcomes Dan Atkinson, a brilliant jazz historian, musician, and ethnomusicologist to Don't Call it Jazz. Armstrong and Atkinson had such a great time conversing, that there's enough material for two episodes! Frankly, there was enough material for three episodes!Armstrong asked Atkinson to create a list of his favorite jazz tunes that cover a wide history of the music. Between all the great music, the two of them have an invigorating conversation, delving into the history, philosophy, aesthetics, and joy of this incredible art form. Atkinson also shares several first-hand accounts of learning from some of the masters of jazz, as he spent time as a saxophonist in the Bay Area, Los Angeles, and Seattle. 

McCall Outdoor Science School

Hosts Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett speak with John Banks from Parks and Rec in the City of Pocatello. They talk about parks and the value they bring to our cities.

This week on Mind Tap, Scott Greeves takes on the freezing challenge of the Wim Hof Method, as I try to reconnect with nature and my own mental wellbeing.