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Mark Beaver

Host of Pathways: A Career Podcast from the Idaho State University Career Center

Mark Beaver is a Career Advisor in Experiential Learning for the Idaho State University Career Center. An ever curious mind has led Mark down quite the path himself, holding jobs with the service industry, the outdoor sector, secondary education, environmental non-profits, and state and federal agencies, with forays into entrepreneurship and now higher education and radio. If you know someone who would be a great guest, or are interested in appearing on Pathways yourself, email:

  • Erika Fulton is an Assistant Professor of Psychology and runs the Meta Lab at Idaho State University. Erika’s research focuses on some pretty heady topics, but she didn’t start her journey in that direction. In fact she spent a decade in a different career before changing paths.
  • Amy Dressel is the Director of Advancement Communications for the Alumni Association at Idaho State University. Amy’s career path has never been about going from point A to point B. Instead, she has let her journey evolve organically by following her interests, and recognizing and building upon her strengths along the way.
  • Bob Ellis is the Outdoor Recreation Coordinator for the C.W. HOG program in the Outdoor Adventure Center at Idaho State University. Bob had little intention of going to college. But a job starring a brick wall gave him the feeling there was more out there. He followed that feeling and now has a job that incorporates his personal passions and deep fulfillment on a daily basis.
  • Jonathan Fardy is an Assistant Professor of Art History, jointly appointed by the Art and History Departments at Idaho State University. Jonathan found a refuge in art from an early stage. Though it took time, some great advice, and leaving a promising career to figure out how to bring together his many different interests and skills to build toward the position he has today.
  • Craig Chatriand is the Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at Idaho State University. Craig didn’t dream of becoming the Dean of Students growing up. However, he was willing to take on new challenges and positions, which revealed to him skills and interests he never knew he had. Eventually, someone told him he could do those things for a living.
  • Bianica Yellowhair is a Clinical Professor for the Bengal Bridge program at Idaho State University. As a first generation student and Native American person, Bianica’s path was full of barriers. But through finding the bravery to seek guidance, and the openness to act on advice, she found mentors and programs that helped her find her passion.
  • Ben Crosby is a Professor and Chair for the Geosciences department at Idaho State University. In today’s episode Ben talks about the importance of incorporating personal values and balance into career choices. As well as a slap in the face that changed his trajectory.
  • Karen Homstad is the Associate Director of Campus Recreation at Idaho State University. Karen is currently in her “dream job”. However, she worked a number of years in part-time and short term jobs on her way to this point. Though many of those jobs had little to do with her current position, she found something out about herself at each step along the way that ultimately prepared her to get to where she is today.
  • Leif Tapanila is a Professor of Geosciences at Idaho State University and the Director of the Idaho Natural History Museum. In today's episode we talk about what it means to be a Paleontologist and how Leif followed his various interests and passions to find his profession.
  • Maurice Pittman is a Counselor and Advisor for TRiO Student Support Services at Idaho State University. Maurice’s path was filled with roadblocks and barriers. However, through an abundance of grit and resilience, he overcame adversity to reach the point he is at today.