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Emily Jahsman &Mark Beaver

Host of Pathways: A Career Podcast from the Idaho State University Career Center

Emily Jahsman is the Associate Director of the Idaho State University Career Center. A self proclaimed multipotentialite, Emily's professional journey has taken her from for-profit to non-profit to higher ed where she currently enjoys her time. Emily's intrepid spirit has led her across the globe including a five year stopover in Australia, treks through numerous jungles, and forays into farming. If you know someone who would be a great guest, or are interested in appearing on Pathways yourself, email:

Mark Beaver is a Career Advisor in Experiential Learning for the Idaho State University Career Center. An ever curious mind has led Mark down quite the path himself, holding jobs with the service industry, the outdoor sector, secondary education, environmental non-profits, and state and federal agencies, with forays into entrepreneurship and now higher education and radio.

  • Todd Johnson is the Director of the Veterans Student Services Center at Idaho State University. Todd had a goal from a very young age, and he achieved that goal at a fairly young age. After that he really just followed his interests and took advantage of opportunities that arose. Along the way he found work he was passionate about, and eventually found a career that integrated those newly found interests with his original goals as a young man.
  • Peter Pruett is the Director of Zoo Idaho in Pocatello. Peter knew he wanted to work with animals. However, he was never afraid to take the risk of tackling new responsibilities and adapting to the demands along the way. Now, he is in charge of a whole lot more than just a few animals.
  • Karina Rorris is the Director of Disability Services at Idaho State University. Karina definitely did not have the typical pathway through her education and career. However, she was lucky enough to realize her strengths early on and leaned into those every step along the way, which has ultimately led to a position of leadership at Idaho State University.
  • Dr. Paul Bodily is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Idaho State University. Paul is involved in some fascinating research, but he also makes sure he saves space to find balance in his life for his passions and values. Likewise, Paul wasn’t afraid to make a big leap over half-way through his undergraduate degree. A leap that led to the type of life he loves.
  • Dr. Michael Stubbs is a Senior Lecturer in English at Idaho State University. Michael has known for quite some time that he wanted to become a writer. How to get there was another question. Through exploration of his own interests, and studying what he loves, he has been able to find a career that allows him to incorporate all these aspects effectively into his life.
  • Guillermo Raya is the Director for TRiO Talent Search at ISU. Guillermo is doing a job that he loves, and he’s the perfect person for the position. However, his beginnings were much less defined as he didn’t even consider college until part way through his senior year of high school. Since then he’s been constantly finding ways to grow, develop, and move around in his professional life. For more information about your career path, visit
  • Amy Salmore is the University Planner at Idaho State University. Amy has the type of job not many people know exists. And even once you know it exists, you have no idea what all it entails. So how did Amy find her way here? By following a curious mind and taking on new challenges.
  • Stacey Barker is an illustrator, artist, and owner of Barking Goat Studios. Stacey never knew what he wanted to do, but he’s always known what he loves to do. Making that love into a career has been a slow progression, but Stacey has always known that would be the case, which has allowed him to persevere to the point he’s at today. For more information about your career path, visit
  • Stuart Summers is the Associate Vice President of Marketing, Communications, and Strategic Initiatives at Idaho State University. Stuart has a fast-paced and dynamic job, which he loves. Moreover, he’s always known he liked jobs like this. However, even though he knew what kind of work he wanted to do, he had to find the context that fit his evolving values along the way. For more information about your career path, visit
  • Devaleena Pradhan is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Idaho State University. Devaleena’s fascinating research looks at the effects of hormones in animals. However, she was originally interested in a completely different field. But, some sound advice and an inherent interest in animals eventually led her way to the position she’s in today. For more information about your career path, visit