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  • What happens when an Idaho veterinarian enlists in the military to serve combat missions around the world? Get your passport ready as this journey takes you from Idaho to Bosnia to Afghanistan to the Philippines, to Africa, and back to Idaho again. Enjoy our conversation with Dr. Bruce Lancaster, DMV as he shares his life and lessons learned.
  • Dr. Dannielle Pierotti has worked in many areas of the country building her nursing and professional experience. Dr. Peirotti discusses the importance of healthcare access, nursing representation, changes in the nursing profession, nurse advocacy, and nursing challenges. This future of nursing discussion includes nursing education accessibility, resource needs, collaboration, and nursing educational technological advancements.
  • This episode of Pharmacy Fusion, Dr. Tom Wadsworth sits with his friend, Dr. William "Toro" Lllamas, to discuss his duties and projects as a health service research pharmacist and COPD.
  • Join host Dr. Leif Tapanila and Peter Pruett for this episode of the Nature of Idaho, where they sit down with Marshall Ma and Barrie Robison from University of Idaho to talk about tick-borne illnesses in the West.
  • Dr. Rachel Hulse And Dean Teresa Conner discuss the work that Medical Laboratory Scientists do, in order to keep communities healthy. They also talk about best practices to reduce your chance of getting sick.
  • This university-wide event is a collaborative event to encompass previous research days held by the Graduate School, Office of Research, and the Kasiska Division of Health Sciences. Campus and community members are encouraged to attend the event March 13, 2024 in Pocatello and Meridian.
  • In this episode, my co-host, Karen, joins me in talking about how we can eat healthier. We discuss the delicious traditional foods we love and how we can make them better for us. We talk about the importance of fresh ingredients and cooking at home, and how small changes can make a big difference in our health. We also talk about how everyone can help make healthy eating easier in our communities by learning more about nutrition and supporting each other. Whether you're already into healthy eating or just starting out, this episode has something for you!
  • In this episode, we're talking all about the importance and benefits of keeping your body moving! We share easy tips to help you stay active and some of our experiences with physical activity.
  • Bengal Sports Dietitian, Natalie Christensen talks with Dean Teresa Conner to address campus food insecurity and how it affects student athletes. Christensen is a certified specialist in sports dietetics and works closely with student athletes. She teaches them how to optimize their performance by focusing on the foods they eat.
  • Idaho Accelerator Center director, Jon Stoner, and two ISU students from the Department of Chemistry, Jacob Egbert and Matt Cannon, describe what the Idaho Accelerator Center is and talk about how they and other ISU researchers are involved in cutting edge research to cure cancers such as sarcomas and prostate cancer.